On The Death Of History

It is evident that the value and possibility of apprehending truth are rapidly decaying. That truth lacked value for most is nothing new – that most acknowledge this to be the case is a revolution.

Certainty was always impossible. To be human is to be uncertain. But civilization depends on our faith in appearances. The king is only as regal as he is spectacular: the glitter and pomp and music and costumes distinguish him from the pauper.

With the advent of the zoetrope, a pea-sized lump emerged on the pancreas of history. It grew and metastasized for over a century.

Now we have YouTube. Artificial intelligence will soon be ubiquitous. History is terminal:

Soon, no fact will be verifiable. A recording of flesh-and-blood people will be indistinguishable from its computer-generated imitation. The Last Sitcom will be born.