From a Loving Mother

Dr. Phil Animated Letter | From a Loving Mother

Jesi’s son, chance, seems like the perfect son. At least he used to seem that way — recently, Jesi has begun to suspect that chance is suffering from mental illness. Before their recent crisis, Chance did everything right. He was an excellent student, perfectly behaved, who had the admiration of his teachers and the affection of his many friends.

But now, every week, he plays a terrible prank on Jesi. She comes home to discover that he’s committed suicide. At least that’s how it looks — but it’s just an elaborate joke staged by her son. Jesi worries that she might have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the terrible anxiety that these “jokes” have given her. She can barely function at work, and is suffering from insomnia.

She’s all out of options. The only person who can help her is Dr. Phil, daytime television’s premier mental health professional.

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